Polish Games Association

The Polish Games Association (PGA) counts as its members the largest and best-known video game developers in Poland. Its chief aim is to support the growth of Poland's video game sector and enhance its ability to compete on the global stage. The association coordinates its activities closely with representatives of the Polish government, businesses and non-profit organizations, as well as with other entertainment industry trade associations as part of the European Game Developers Federation.


The Polish video game industry is an extraordinarily dynamic and fast-growing branch of the economy. Polish games have notched worldwide artistic and commercial successes, winning the industry's most prestigious awards and distinctions. For many Poles, the local game development industry has become a source of national pride. In light of these facts, video games were declared one of Poland's National Intelligent Specializations and a series of dedicated aid programs were initiated with the goal of further improving the competitiveness of this sector. Below, we present some estimated values for select metrics concerning the Polish video game development industry.
  • 99% Rate of SMEs among Polish game developers
  • 4.43B PLN Game developers revenue in 2020
  • 20m Gamers
  • 470
    Game development companies
  • 95% Revenue from exports


Our mission is to represent the interests of Polish video game developers. We wish to foster the best possible conditions for creating video games in Poland, improve the quality of Polish games and develop the talent of developers working in our country.


Polish developers have significantly increased their global visibility. A crucial part of this has been their presence at the dozens of industry events organized each year in Poland and the rest of Europe — everything from niche conferences and workshops to prestigious international conventions.


Polish Games Association

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